Welcome to the Nexus Protocol Research Forum

Welcome to the Nexus Protocol Research Forum, a public forum dedicated to discussing all things related to Nexus Protocol. This is a collaborative place to share interesting ideas and get feedback about any proposals that you may have.

All well-reasoned discussions regarding Nexus Protocol and its applications is welcome. Some of the topics we would like to focus on are:

Core: a forum for Nexus community members to voice ideas about the underlying yield redirection protocol itself and suggest improvements to the infra layer.

Vaults: a forum for Nexus community members to voice suggestions or tweaks to existing vaults.

Products: a forum for Nexus community members to discuss ideas and strategies leading to the creation of new vaults or products in general under the Nexus Protocol umbrella.

Community Fund: a forum for third party developers and teams to propose usage of the community grant to expand the Nexus ecosystem and help us build the next generation of products.

Collaborations: a forum for project teams or community members to propose or highlight avenues for Nexus to partner with other protocols whether on Terra or in the wider multi-chain world. Proposals could include integration of vaults or co-building of strategies.

If you are new to Nexus Protocol, feel free to check out the following links:

Website: https://nexusprotocol.app/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nexusprotocol
Medium: https://nexus-protocol.medium.com/
Litepaper: https://nexusprotocol.app/Nexus_Protocol_Litepaper.pdf
Docs: https://docs.nexusprotocol.app/launch
Github: https://github.com/Nexus-Protocol

This is not the place for:

Announcements. Head over to the Nexus Protocol Twitter or Nexus Protocol Announcement TG to keep up to date.

Personal tech questions or issue reports. Please file a ticket on the Nexus Protocol Discord or Nexus Protocol TG.

While the forum is a space open to all in the Nexus community, we wish for users to keep in mind the following pointers when creating and replying to forum posts.

  • Ensure that new threads are tagged accordingly to the categories mentioned above; we want to keep the forum as orderly as possible so that users can quickly find topics that interest them

  • Focus on high-quality discussions and/or suggestions with supporting material; this allows other users to quickly pick up on your suggestions and push the debate forward

With that, onward!