Using mirror community pool

I have noticed that there are requests based on nothing of funds from mirror community pool and they even risk to pass :smiley: .
Nexus has clearly the competence and capability of developing strategies which could indirectly bring benefit to mirror in term of liquidity and volume. My idea is to define a couple of such strategies and submit a financing proposal to mirror to be approved through governance.
My idea is that the MIR received are added to the nexus treasury and in general never sold (eventually used in nexus built strategies). Requests of amounts in the 100k -1mn MIR range, for reasonable strategies could be absolutely reasonable to be submitted to mirror governance. Perhaps an escrow contract could make also sense and become an asset for the ecosystem to handle these kind of financing requests.

To be honest, Mirror does need to have a major revamp before MIR tokens are worth anything. There’s a good write up by Euphoric Badger ( in his Medium article to revamp the entire structure of Mirror to emulate the burn mechanism of Luna/Terra stablecoins.

Until Mirror has a sustainable revenue model, it’ll be hard to see an upside to their MIR token. Might not be the best asset to hold in Nexus treasury. On the other hand, Nexus could propose to build out strategies for Anchor, particularly on the borrow side. Proposing strategies to increase the borrow of Anchor via Nexus, while getting funded with ANC tokens may be more suitable.

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