Pylon Pool Monthly Report Mar2022/Apr2022

As of today, 11th Apr 2022, accumulated deposit for Nexus Pylon Pool is 18,010,064.869 UST.

In follow-up to the previous proposal , amongst 3.97M Psi received, and in addition to 10K psi returned from the previous proposal: 3,980,000.000000 Psi has been paired with 132,133.383813 UST as Psi-UST LP, and has been contributed to Nexus Treasury. Due to Psi price increase between the proposal posting and the execution, 1,522.380319 UST remain not LPed & will be contributed with this month’s PoL.

Please refer to the below data and parameters for the Pylon Pool yield accumulated for this month, and the logic behind the proposal.

> Data as of 03/11/22:

Accumulated Pylon Pool reward : 237,966.083321 UST (12th Mar - 11th Apr)
Expected Contribution to Nexus Treasury : 118,983.041660 UST +1,522.380319
Psi Price Assumed : 0.040
Required Psi for LP pairing : 3,012,635.549488
Remaining Psi from the last proposal : 0
Net Required with 25% buffer (given 5 days voting) : 3.77M Psi