Pylon Pool Monthly Report Feb2022/Mar2022

As of today, 6th Mar 2022, accumulated deposit for Nexus Pylon Pool is 17,942,947.171 UST. With no further deposit into the pool, and the sustained Anchor Earn rate above 19%, expected monthly contribution towards PoL solely from Pylon Pool is 232,397 UST worth of Psi-UST LP.

In follow-up to the previous proposal , amongst 3.48M Psi received in addition to remaining 137,052.679726 Psi from the poll 8: 3,607,052.679715 Psi has been paired with 101,467.529253 UST as Psi-UST LP, and has been contributed to Nexus Treasury. Due to Psi price increase between the proposal posting and the execution, 8,231.535848 UST remained.

Please refer to the below data and parameters for the Pylon Pool yield accumulated for this month, and the logic behind the proposal.

> Data as of 03/06/22:

Accumulated Pylon Pool reward : 199,477.646,240 UST (9th Feb - 6th Mar)
Expected Contribution to Nexus Treasury : 107,970.358968 UST
Psi Price Assumed : 0.034
Required Psi for LP pairing : 3,175,598.793176
Remaining Psi from the last proposal : 0
Net Required with 25% buffer (given 5 days voting) : 3.97M Psi