Pylon Pool Monthly Report Dec2021/Jan2022

Nexus Pylon Pool has been live since 4th Dec 2021. As previously announced, 50% of the yield collected from the Pylon Pool will be contributed to Nexus Treasury to bootstrap protocol owned liquidity. In order to fully utilize the benefit of the contribution, with the monthly updates on forum, Nexus team will make a proposal to request $Psi from community pool to be paired with the contributing UST into Psi-UST LP tokens. First proposal has been made and recently passed; thus the Psi-UST contribution to the treasury will happen within 24 hours of this post.

As of today, 15th Jan 2022, accumulated deposit for Nexus Pylon Pool is 16,474,618.339 UST. With no further deposit into the pool, and the sustained Anchor Earn rate above 19%, expected monthly contribution towards PoL solely from Pylon Pool is 213,379 UST worth of Psi-UST LP.

Please refer to the below data and parameters, 25% buffer is applied with the voting period in consideration (5 days), for logic behind the proposal

> Data as of 01/07/22:

Accumulated Pylon Pool reward : 127,465.205271 UST (4th Dec - 7th Jan)
Contribution to Nexus Treasury : 63,732.6026355 UST
Psi Price Assumed : 0.045
Required Psi for LP pairing : 1,416,280.058567
with 25% buffer (given 5 days voting) : 1.77M Psi

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