Psi airdrop tokens

As far as I know there is a maximum of 1,000,000,000 psi tokens.

But why is there 966,145,821 in the airdrop wallet alone, 10 Billion in the community pool and 33B in other wallets?

Is there any guarantee that this stock won’t be released?

not so sure where you are getting all that number;

max no. of Psi is 10B; slightly less than 10% in airdrop wallet; slightly less than 10% again in community pool + although not fully updated; the initial token distribution parameter can be found in our doc

The liqudity of tokens in each section should be analyzed seperately; for examples, tokens under Nexus governance will only be released via governance proposal, and for vested tokens, its locked under smart contract to not to be released before the vesting period is met. If you are familiar with smart contracts; you can interact with those smart contract by querying to check the parameters (you dont need to be dev to check it if you use sth like terrascope)