Proposal: Protocol Tax Update - Buyback Migration

In accordance to Nexus Proposal 5 (, the protocol tax is being collected in nAssets.

As Terraswap LP had the largest liquidity for nETH/Psi and nLuna/Psi, due to staking incentives, the current buyback for Protocol tax utilizes aforementioned Terraswap LPs to minimize slippage involved.

Although at the time of the writing this post, nETH/Psi liquidity is more or less similar between Terraswap and Astroport LPs, and nLuna/Psi Terraswap LP in fact have significantly larger liquidity in comparison to Astroport LP, as the staking incentives are now migrated to Astroport LPs, providing dual incentives for the farmers, it is highly likely that Astroport LPs would be the dominant liquidity pools for the pairs in near future.

Thus we propose buyback mechanism migration as following :

from TerraSwap LPs
nETH/Psi (terra14zhkur7l7ut7tx6kvj28fp5q982lrqns59mnp3)
nLuna/Psi (terra1zvn8z6y8u2ndwvsjhtpsjsghk6pa6ugwzxp6vx)

to Astroport LPs
nETH/Psi (terra18hjdxnnkv8ewqlaqj3zpn0vsfpzdt3d0y2ufdz)
nLuna/Psi (terra10lv5wz84kpwxys7jeqkfxx299drs3vnw0lj8mz)