[Proposal] bSOL Anchor Vault

Anchor Protocol is attempting to whitelist additional collateral (Anchor), bSOL. Thus we propose if and once the Anchor proposal is passed, Nexus bSOL Anchor Vault to be deployed. The team is proposing a preemptive proposal in advancement of the Anchor Proposal for swiftest delivery of the new vault.

Such vault will require frequent monitoring and updates to parameters to ensure the vault yields remain competitive. As such, active participation in Nexus governance is vital, so we propose that some part of the yield should be directed to Nexus governance participants to incentivize their participation as per other bAsset vaults.

If the related Anchor proposal fails to be passed or executed, bSOL Anchor Vault will not be deployed or executed regardless to the outcome of this proposal as this proposal is conditional.

The smart contracts suggested to be implemented for bSOL vault would be updated as soon as the whitelist process is completed and the Nexus bSOL Anchor Vault is deployed on mainnet.