[Proposal] bATOM Anchor Vault

Anchor Protocol has passed a proposal to whitelist additional collateral (Anchor Protocol), bATOM. Thus we propose if and once the Anchor proposal is executed, Nexus bATOM Anchor Vault to be deployed.

Such vault will require frequent monitoring and updates to parameters to ensure the vault yields remain competitive. As such, active participation in Nexus governance is vital, so we propose that some part of the yield should be directed to Nexus governance participants to incentivize their participation as per other bAsset vaults.

If the related Anchor proposal fails to be passed or executed, bATOM Anchor Vault will not be deployed or executed regardless to the outcome of this proposal as this proposal is conditional.

The smart contracts suggested to be implemented for bATOM vault would be updated as soon as the whitelist process is completed and the Nexus bATOM Anchor Vault is deployed on mainnet.


In terms of nAsset-Psi liquidity for nATOM-Psi pair, I think it’s sensible to not explore that from the genesis of the vault as we do not have clear expectation of the organic demand of the product.

As nATOM-Psi LP’s primary purpose is to better serve auto-compounding effect once needed, the appropriate level of liquidity can only be suggest once the expect demand is visible.

Thus we propose to launch bATOM vault without any related liquidity pool, than acquire protocol owned liquidity via Bond Issuance tool once the demand is more apparent for nATOM.

Same approach as the above would be sensible for wasAVAX vault imo.


I do agree that wasAVAX-PSI and nAtom-PSI LP do not seem to have the organic demand it needs to warrant an LP for itself except for auto-compounding.

I do agree some parts of the incentives could be allocated to active participation.
How do you plan to incentivised participation? Snapshot and airdrop to active voters?
What is the split do you propose to shift to active governance?

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And I would be interested in operating LPs for AVAX and ATOM by analogy with ETH/LUNA.
Once people realize that PSI is actually the same “aUST” it will be a popular story. Opinion.